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Founder: Harry Webb

Harry is a self-taught ice cream maker making industry leading ice creams out of a tiny commercial kitchen above a dentistry in Wolverhampton. For somebody so young his broad CV, touching areas across the length and breadth of the food and beverage industry is impressive to say the least and no doubt a major contributor behind Big Kid Ice Cream’s rapid success.


In 2019, Harry founded Dough, a pizzeria based out of Dig Brew - a craft brewery working out of Birmingham, which he also helped to grow from humble beginnings to internationally exporting. During the pandemic Harry turned his hand to pastry and a love for frozen confectionery has developed into Big Kid Ice Cream. Since then, along with the purchase of his first ice cream van, demand for his creations has gotten so high that he is moving his scoop service to Central London: to the South Bank outside of the National Theatre no less.


"All kill no filler"

Harry said “the guiding principle behind all of the things I make is to try to capture intense food experiences that I’ve remembered since childhood, they’ve picked up all these new associations, feelings and nostalgic ideas over time, and I just try to fold all of that back into itself to make it a new, heightened experience to go along with that ‘first time’ in your brain”. That and “really fucking great ice cream is just really fucking great, so I figure I can’t exactly go wrong if I stick to working on that!”.


Collaboration is fundamental to Harry’s process. Working closely with organic, free range dairy farmers and other producers around the UK Harry aims to bring the very best ingredients to every recipe. Or “all killer no filler” as he would say.

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